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Questions you may have about Greyton Property in South Africa

We have come up with a list of frequently asked questions that will be of use to the Greyton property buyer.

Q. Why is Greyton so expensive?
Greyton isn't really expensive when you look at what you are buying. The grounds of the properties in Greyton are usually much larger than your average. They range from 500m² to 4 000m² (and more). In the main road you could expect to have a piece of land from 1 500m² to 2 500m². Many of the houses have been renovated. They are no longer little farm workers cottages. The proximity to Cape Town makes Greyton extremely desirable, and importantly, there are only a limited number of homes which makes the real estate market very competitive.

Q. Is there a municipality?
Yes. Greyton is part of the Theewaterskloof (TWK) Municipality, which has its head office in Caledon. Greyton does have a local office with a local Municipal Manager so most of the business you will need to conduct, you can do so locally.

Q. Is there medical care?
There is a medical practitioner who lives and works in Greyton and whose surgery is open six days a week and there is also a pharmacy that is open six days a week. An optician visits the pharmacy bi-weekly and there is a state clinic. Dental services are available in Caledon and the nearest state hospital is also in Caledon. Hermanus has both private and state facilities as does Somerset West. Both are an hours drive away.

Q. What is crime like?
We do have crime in Greyton South Africa, it would be foolish to say that we don't. However, crime is not frequent and tends more towards petty, opportunistic theft. We do not wish to trivialize how it feels to be a victim of any type of crime but it is true to say that our experience of 'serious crime' is rare.

Q. What are property re-sales like?
If your property is correctly priced and has no major problems, it will sell when the right buyer comes along. Often property sits on the market because the owner is not a serious seller and doesn't mind waiting to get an inflated price or because an estate agent has over-priced the property. The Greyton real estate market does have slower periods but, property is always in demand. Given the fact that the majority of the property in the village has been upgraded, it is hard to find a "bargain fixer up'er".

Q. Will i be able to sub-divide if i buy a large plot?
Each case must be considered on its own merits. There are however, planning guidelines and regulations. For example, pan handles will not be approved, so a subdivision which would require access over someone else's property ( a pan handle ) would not be allowed. Certain areas of the village are zoned with a minimum plot / erven size. Again this minimum size would be applied regardless of access.

Q. Can i build what i want and where i want to?
As with the previous question, there are guidelines and regulations which govern how and where you can build. These are readily available from the municipal office or from the Theewaterskloof Town Planning Department. Peak Properties will be able to assist you with any questions you may have in this regard.

Q. Can i earn an income from rentals?
Yes. Short and long term rentals are popular, and in demand. Peak Properties offers a rental management service to all our customers.

Q. Why are the gardens so green?
Greyton has plenty of water, except at the height of summer, and there are lots of keen gardeners. The village lies in a valley, much of which has been a riverbed. The course of the river has changed but it left behind good fertile soil. Greyton also has a system of "leiwater" which is now used for irrigation.

Q. What is meant by "leiwater"?
Leiwater is where water from the mountain is collected and distributed through the village and back out to the river using a system of channels. All residents of Greyton pay an annual fee for the upkeep of the facility and individual users pay a fee to draw the water at a specified time and for a specific period each week. This is usually collected in a dam and used to irrigate your garden.

Q. Can i buy a house in Greyton if i am not a permanent resident of South Africa?
Yes. We have a number of foreign nationals with property in Greyton. Check with Peak Properties at the time you are considering buying. Legislation does change and our agents will be able to advise you on how to proceed.

Q. Can i rent a property?
Yes, but there are a few homes available for longer term rentals so it is very important that you check on availability before making any plans. Again, Peak Properties agents will help you find a suitable property.

Q. Are there plumbers, builders, electricians, thatchers, etc. in Greyton?
Yes, there are several of these skilled artisans.

Q. Is it easy to find people to employ in the garden and in the house?
Yes, there is a good supply of workers from the Greyton and Genadendal areas.

Q. Shopping. How far is the nearest store?
Greyton has a number of shops which will provide for all your basic provisions. Additional items or specialist needs are available to a limited extent in Caledon and fully in Somerset West and Hermanus. Some large stores now offer a delivery service to Greyton.

Q. Schools. What and where are the schools?
There is one bilingual state school in the village, an Afrikaans Medium School in Heuwelkroon and an English Medium independent school. The latter goes to grade 12 while the other schools are primary schools. State senior schooling is available in Caledon or Genadendal.

Q. Are there riding stables?
Yes, a local farm stables horses and also has facilities for riding of horses.

Q. Can i keep a horse on my property?
Yes, you may keep one horse on a property / plot with a minimum size of 2 500m².

Q. What is the telecommunications network like? Can i use ADSL?
Telkom services are good in Greyton South Africa. In fact they have a depot here and the ADSL lines are efficient. There is good wireless coverage in most parts of the village as well.