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greyton property for saleGreyton is a unique village, located just 90 minutes drive from Cape Town, in the Western Cape area of South Africa. Emerging in the mid 1800's from the imagination of the Huguenot descended Englishman Sir Herbert Vigne whom it appears may have designed the layout of Greyton after being influenced by emerging liberal views of the time. He set out to create a community for his farm workers by dividing the farms of the area into plots that permitted nutritional independence, social integration and a healthy and peaceful environment.

Greyton itself was named after another Englishman, Sir George Grey, who occupied the important seat of Governor of the Cape at this time, and with whom Sir Henry Vigne, Herbert's brother sat in the Cape Court as a prominent politician.

Built into the foothills of the Riviersonderend Mountains and along the Grootbos River, the village has evolved from a purely agricultural community into one of cosmopolitan character, attracting residents and owners from all over the world, as they too discover our village and wish to be part of this remarkable settlement. Beautiful gardens, gorgeous properties, safe and friendly neighbourhoods, restaurants, artists and superb mountain views - no wonder Greyton has become the home to so many experienced travelers.

Greyton South Africa, with its quaint street scenes and tranquil country atmosphere, is so removed from the worst aspects of modern life that it is not suprising that the visitor to Greyton is enchanted and never wants to leave. It is a familiar tale among newer inhabitants that they fall instantly under Greyton's spell and vow to return. Many come to live, and those that do, carry on the tradition of preserving the best of Greyton life in South Africa- the country cottages, the pretty gardens and rural lifestyle. Their reward is to share in the daily experience of friendly and relaxed village life in poetically beautiful surroundings.

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